ALCHEMY MATERIALS was created in 2013 as a source of specialized materials that were not readily available to architects and designers. Focusing on ceramic finishes from Italy, Japan and the U.S., it took the form of a color and texture lab, developing amazing projects with some of the biggest names in the design industry looking to source luxe feature material, high quality historical reproduction, or a creative hand in combining the readily available with the hard-to-find. These days, this modestly sized workshop/studio in the Flatiron district works on projects globally, all by appointment and growing primarily through repeat business and word-of-mouth between top firms.

The philosophy guiding the business and this website is to ‘put it out there’, making more people aware of the deep catalogs from these special artisanal studios and factories. Surprisingly, this compact space has examples of most of the expansive palette shown on this site - something to get the conversation started and to build on for particular projects. It doesn’t matter the style, we value authenticity, with a deep interest in the history of materials and how they may be rendered in a modern context.

DAVID PATRICK - Over the course of 25 years, David has established a reputation for selling specialty tile with passion and skill in the New York City design market. Maintaining a global network of artisans and suppliers with whom he’s collaborated on extraordinary custom projects, David applies the same creative drive to combining materials at hand in order to achieve a singular look or to work within a given budget. Coming from a fine arts background, David has indulged his varied technical, historical and stylistic interests through a rich array of materials from around the world, culminating in co-founding Alchemy Materials.

MUKESH VASVANI - With over 20 years of experience selling real estate in New York City, Mukesh has handled deals and consulted locally in Brooklyn, and globally in various international markets. Through his continuous exposure to stylish residences, raw spaces and development planning, Mukesh understands the transformative value of fine tiling. Mukesh became a founding partner of Alchemy Materials because of his love for distinctive materials and versatile design. Mukesh studied Economics, Statistics and Computer Programming at the University of Bombay in India, and furthered his studies at The New School in New York.

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